Syracuse Ortigia Noto Guided tour
  • Syracuse Ortigia Noto Guided tour
  • Syracusa city tour with authorized guide
  • Tour of the island of ortigia and papyrus of Syracuse
  • Syracuse archaeological park tour
  • Syracuse Theater Tour
  • Explore Syracuse and Noto from Catania with a guide

Syracuse Ortigia Noto Tour From Catania


Excursion from Catania to discover Sicily: explore the city of Syracuse, the island of Ortigia and the baroque city of Noto

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Syracuse Ortigia & Noto Tour

A tour to explore the town of Syracuse, the island of Ortigia and the Baroque town of Noto

Available on Tuesday and Thursday


  • Visit to the Archaeological Park of the Neapolis of Syracuse (TICKET INCLUDED)
  • Visit of Ortigia
  • Visit of Noto


Experience history in the town of Syracuse personally. You will visit the Neapolis archaeological Park (admission ticket included in the fare): the Greek Theatre, the “Latomia del Paradiso”, the Ear of Dionysius”, the Cave of Cordari and Hieron Altar, the island of Ortigia. After lunch (not included in the excursion fare) the tour will continue towards Noto: a real museum under the open sky where you can admire the charming Sicilian baroque buildings.


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